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    Unlock the power to conquer addiction and compulsive behaviours to build a healthier, happier you.

    Are you struggling with a bad habit? Porn, nofap, alcohol, drugs, coffee, sugar, gaming, nicotine. medication or something else?


    It is time to break free from the chains of old habits and embrace a frest start with new, empowering routines.

  • Embrace Change, Reclaim your Life

    Let's do this

    Do you tell yourself you will stop but the following day you are right back at it again?


    You are not alone. Many have tried to conquer their addiction on their own but have fallen short. You many have tried various approaches and now are ready to fine-tune your strategy with expert guidance.

    You have got nothing to lose and Everything to gain

    Choose progress over stagnation and take a bold step towards transformation.


    Over 95% of clients improve signifcinatly compared to their starting point. I didn't make that up. It is true. Only way to find out is to try. Take the plunge. Dive in the deep end.

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  • Who Am I?

    Extensive first-hand experience with stop compulsive behaviours

    Bruno Vanherberghen coach addiction

    Bruno Vanherberghen

    I am originally from Belgium but have spent the vast majority of my life abroad. I suffered from heavy depression during my 20's during which many of my compulsive behaviours spiralled out of control.


    For years I was going to stop and then the very next day, I was right back at it. It took significant courage and strength to take steps to change my life and get right back on track.


    My many years of addiction aswell as my countless efforts and eventual success to break old patterns and build new ones has helped me to see what does and does not work. I want to share this knowledge with you so that you do not have to start from scratch but get a proper kick start towards a new and free life.

  • Approach to Addiction Recovery

    This is how I work.

    Awareness addiction


    A key

    We will work with awareness. What are your situational triggers? What are your emotional triggers? What are your mental triggers? Knowledge and understanding ourselves are keys to success.

    Accountability addiction


    You and me

    Accountability is key in any recovery program. When we are held accountable, we are able to find extra strength inside ourselves to make new decisions to move away from our compulsive behaviour.

    Managing urges


    Managing Urges

    How to handle urges? What strategies can we put in place to reduce situational triggers? You will learn how to handle your urges without needing to act out upon them.

    Truth Honesty


    Radically Honest

    This is a chance to get real with yourself and share your compulsion with another person. Our interaction will be one of integrity, honesty and will provide a breath of fresh air to the compulsion we are going to overcome.

    Rewire the brain. No more addiction


    Rewiring the brain

    With each success, with each time you experience an urge and do not act out on it, you slowly start to reprogram your brain. Over time, new connections will arise leading to consistent success.

    First hand experience addiction


    Real life experience

    I will coach and guide you using my first-hand experience. Having a strong scientific background I will also back up my experience with actual science.

    John Doe Anonymity


    John Doe

    This can be a totally anonymous process. There is no need to provide your real name or personal information. This service can be totally anonymous if desired.

    Secure encrypted safe


    Encrypted communication

    The communication channel between us is encrypted and totally confidential. Everything that is said will stay private.

  • Selected Customer Testimonials

    Click here for a full list of testimonials


    September 2022

    “I worked with Bruno for several months. He texted with me every day, and served as a constant counselor through my struggle. He helped me address the underlying issues from my life that were causing or encouraging my addiction. He also helped me in very practical ways to deal directly with the addiction. I was able to share openly about my true feelings and actions, and he listened without judgment. But he also was assertive with me and did not let me slip into excuses. I would recommend him as a coach."


    January 2022

    "Really amazing coach. Knows exactly what he is doing! If you want to achieve your goals, he can certainly help you. His style is one where you never ever feel judged and always feel supported. He is authentic and genuinely cares."


    December 2021

    “I teamed up with Bruno to work on my sobriety, to stop drinking. In the time I spent with him, I had more clean and sober days than in the 20 years prior to meeting him. He was like the big brother I never had, always willing to go the extra mile with me. He'd have gotten on a plane and knocked on my door in a different time. I'm truly blessed to have the attention he devoted, the experiences he shared, the perspective he'd gently (or sternly!) give me when I needed it. It meant a lot to know I could ramble on to him after a hard day and have it heard with a truly compassionate ear. Bruno changed my life for the better.”


    December 2020

    “Bruno is a truly excellent coach. I am a 41 year old woman with a sugar addiction and I was hesitant to work with a male coach. But he had so many good reviews I felt like I should check it out. I am so glad I chose Bruno! He is professional, kind, and really cares about people and their success. We clarified (and re-clarified!) my goals and he checked in each day. He listened very well and helped me to stay in the right mindset. He absolutely understands addiction and what it takes to find freedom. Highly recommend!!”


    October 2021

    “Bruno is an outstanding coach. He provided exactly the accountability that I was looking for, and helped me immensely with his wisdom and advice. I really appreciate his help with my addiction, and highly recommend him to anyone who needs some more accountability as well as some experience from someone who really cares.”


    October 2021

    “Bruno is a exceptional and supportive coach. During our work together I felt heard, seen, and understood in my challenges, while also being provided with clear and purposeful actions and ways of relating to myself and situations. I highly recommend to work with Bruno if you're seeking a warm hearted and effective coach to walk by your side.”


    November 2021

    “Bruno is one of the most incredible people, not just a great coach. Bruno really thinks of you, and not just about himself. He really wants you to succeed in this journey of recovery, and has an extremely warm heart. Could not recommend Bruno enough.”


    June 2015

    Simply put, Bruno was instrumental for my finally getting off of drugs. I could not have done it without him. He related to my struggles and always had helpful advice. If you need a coach to help you get off of drugs, hire Bruno immediately


    August 2017

    Bruno was very helpful in my journey. He is knowledgeable, empathetic and understanding. For most situations, he has seen them or been through them, so his advice is always personal, and easy to grasp. Therefore, if you're struggling with a bad habit, I can definitely recommend Bruno!


    November 2016

    Bruno is an absolutely great coach for breaking addictions. He has the right tools and he's excellent about checking in all the time. He's responsive and really asks questions that dig to the core of the addiction. Highly recommend him as a coach for sex addiction but also any type of bad behavioral habits.


    September 2016

    Bruno was amazing! I got so much from working with him. He was completely nonjudgmental. I felt I could share with him my deepest darkest thoughts, impulses and behaviors. He has a wealth of experience to draw upon and a number of very empowering and freeing techniques to help with compulsive addictions. I can't recommend him highly enough


    May 2017

    With Bruno's guidance, motivation, and persistent coaching, I was finally able to meet and exceed my, once pie-in-the-sky, goal of no porn or masturbation for 90 days. Now that I have the knowledge that I can make it this far, I have the confidence that I'm in control. I would highly recommend hiring Bruno as a coach.


    April 2017

    Bruno helped so much with my "do not watch porn" habit. He has a lot of wisdom gained from experience, to help along the path to recalibrating my thoughts and habits. He is a consistent presence, accepting and encouraging through the highs and the lows. We worked together for over a year, and I think you get out of coaching what you put in. When I would share deeply, Bruno would help me see what I was experiencing in different ways, and often reframed my own learnings and intentions to make them more potent.”


    September 2017

    Coaching with coach Bruno has been undeniably helpful and profitable. Bruno does know what it's like to fight addiction. And he conveys his experience and knowledge with an efficient kindness. Additionally, he's proved to be respectful of my choices; for me that's an empowering show of respect. I unreservedly recommend him.


    March 2021

    “Bruno is a great coach. He was able to help me do in just a few months what I had failed at doing for the previous 5 years. He helped me with the tools I needed to win and checked in with me every day to make sure I was on track. I made some accomplishments in my life I know I would not have if he was not in my life. You are very lucky when you get a chance to work with him. He is very skilled and will really help you”


    March 2017

    Bruno was a great help for the few weeks of coaching we had. Always had thoughtful and apt feedback on many issues I encountered during the coaching period. Plenty of tactics to take along with me as I move on and continue building good habits


    February 2019

    Bruno was key in helping me with my undesirable habit. Super compassionate throughout. The advice was helpful, insightful advice. It gave me clarity when he shared his own experiences on what I was going through. And he helped me to learn to be accountable especially through the toughest times when I did not want to listen to him or myself. Thanks Bruno!


    June 2021

    “Bruno helped me over the course of a year and a half to unravel how porn was interwoven with a lot of mental, emotional and spiritual real estate inside me. Bruno was wise and always grounding and encouraging. He helped me develop important guardrails to protect me from myself and my compulsive use of porn. Respectful and never shaming, Bruno can also be very firm and strong in his coaching. I needed someone who was smart and caring, but kicked my ass a bit from time to time when I really needed it. I whole-heartedly recommend Bruno as a great coach and support. If you want success in unravelling compulsion and obsession from your life, he's the coach for you. ”


    October 2018

    Bruno was patient and persistent and really helped through a tough time. His support was instrumental in my getting away from the trap of alcohol. I've had different coaches for different goals, but Bruno really stands out because he truely cares. I can't thank Bruno enough for his support.


    September 2018

    I was addicted to my ex; no matter how dismissive or disrespectful he was, I kept contacting him, and doing so deeply eroded my self-esteem and prevented me from living my life. Thanks to Bruno's empathetic coaching, his knowledge and his wisdom, I have been able to start to move forward with my life with greater self-care and a better sense of my personal boundaries. I can tell that Bruno has a passion for helping people, because his guidance and advice was incredibly thoughtful, and has been applicable to so many other areas of my life. I highly recommend Bruno as a coach; if you're willing to invest yourself in the process of coaching, he can definitely help you to change your life for the better.

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    The majority of my coaching is performed through the coach.me platform. It is both an app and web-based coaching platform which allows us to have daily encrypted communication.


    Coaching is $25.00 per week.


    I also offer remote sessions.


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  • Frequently asked questions 

    Compulsive behaviour - what is it?

    A compulsive behaviour is the repeated involvement with a substance or activity, despite the substantial harm it now causes, because that involvement was, and may continue to be, pleasurable and/or valuable.

    What kinds of compulsive behaviours or addictions are there?

    Most commonly described are addictive substance such as alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, meth, or any other narcotics. More and more recognized as problematic are compulsive behaviours and addictions such as porn, video games, eating sugar, drinking coffee.

    How do we feel about addiction?

    Addiction is a lonely thing. We often feel misunderstood and ashamed by our own behaviour. We have tried countless times to stop. For many of us, we say that today will be the last time but somehow we simply cannot get it together. The next day is somehow the same as the previous one. 


    I remember when I started my process. I joined one of the anonymous programs and one of the most striking things for me was that it is not possible to understand an addiction or compulsive behaviour unless one has had similar first-hand experience of how it can control us and slowly spiral out of control.


    I have that experience and I hope that you are willing to place your trust in me.

    Can I help you?

    I geniunely believe that I can provide you with fresh insights and new tools to support you in taking steps away from your addiction. I am 100% committed and here for you.


    I have coached +700 people for a vast range of addictions. Let my track record speak for itself and have a look at the testimonials section of this site.

    What do I expect from you?

    A genuine desire to try something new. A willingness to take the steps to make new decisions and try new ways of living. One of the main challenges around a compulsion is that it has become so familar to us. We are afraid of what life will be like without it. How will we cope?


    I can tell you, it will feel confusing, challenging, scary but also exhilirating and exciting as you see the steady progress.

    Personalized coaching

    We decided together what your goal is. This is a flexible approach which fully takes into account your personal needs and goals.

    Can I help you?

    I geniunely believe that I can provide you with fresh insights and new tools to support you in taking steps away from your addiction. I am 100% committed and here for you.


    I have coached +300 people for a vast range of addictions. Let my track record speak for itself and have a look at the testimonials section of this site.

    How do I measure success?

    Using accountability and daily checkins when successful with a goal will allow us to keep detailed information on your progress. We will evaluate your level of success before joining the coaching program. At successive steps, we will evaluate how things are going and how we can fine-tune your recovery.


    All of the people I have coached reach new levels of success. They exceed their previous records of clean time taking significant steps towards freedom.

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